In-home meal preparation services include: 

  • An initial consultation where we will discuss your overall health goals and how I can support you in your process of achieving them
  • An optional pantry clean-out and organization
  • Custom menu planning specific to your goals and preferences
  • Grocery shopping and delivery to your kitchen
  • Packaging, labeling, storing, and leaving instruction for meals intended for following days
  •  Beautifully prepared meals, made with care and mindfulness
  • Setting of table, always leaving kitchen spotless


Other services:

  •  In-home cooking classes for small groups, up to 8 people (adults or kids)
  • Catering dinner/birthday parties
  • Gift certificates
  • Grocery shopping tours, where I will give tips on which sections to avoid in the grocery store, which products to buy for nutrition and cost efficiency, and support in reading food labels critically
  • Small retreat catering